Types of Jobs for convicted felons in New Haven Connecticut?

Tuesday of next week, the city of New Haven Connecticut will take a vote on weather or not to “ban the box”. ( Ban the box in New Haven, Alan Cohn)

For those unfamiliar with the ban the box legislations which appear to be sweeping the country, heres a bit of background.

Ordinarily when someone applies for any job, there is a box which ask in some manner, “have you ever been convicted of a felony”. What the city of New Haven is putting on the table for vote next week is weather or not this probabitive box will be entirely scrapped for any city job. Which I think is a great idea.

This box merely serves as a defacto discrimmination tool for people who have already paid their debt to society and are seeking to re enter back into thier communities and support their families. Discrimmination towards convicted felons is rampant and contributes to a high re incarceration rate and also contributes to more social cost.

New Haven has taken this ban the box consideration to an entirely new level however by indicating that if the City of New Haven votes to actually ban the box, then all City Vendors must also do the same. This too is a good idea in my eyes, since it is a first step in banning the box entirely for ALL employers statewide. Hopefully it will catch on in such a way which encourages all states to follow suit, which will inevitably lead to a “federal like” ban the box result.

Certainly there are those who are against the ban the box ballot, and who will vote against the intended progress of the city. For some reason many people have this twisted notion that all felons should be stigmatised, alienated and tagged throughout their entire life. What this translates into is a literally a life sentence for beinga convicted felon.

Any convicted felon can emphatically tell you that a life sentence is exactly with the label of FELON brings into their world. This is not an easy situation to cope with, even with all of the family and community support that some may have. So imagine the difficulty in the experience of life that a convicted felon has to deal with absent any realy family or community support. It’s a devastating set of circumstances which must be confronted and many can’t cope properly and simply turn or return to drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and crime.

I’m not exactly sure what types of jobs for convicted felons actually exist in New Haven, perhaps someone out there can provide a list of what these jobs will actually entail, that would be illuminating.

I’ve written about available jobs for convicted felons as traffic cops, but all I know about the jobs which may be available in the New Haven area are that they are “city jobs”, which is a bit broad and I’d like to narrow that down a bit if I could.

Anyway for those who think that this ban the box legislations may pose some kind of security risk, it’s important to understand that although the question of a having a conviction record will not be asked on the application, ALL potential job candidates do in fact undergo a background check. And when it is discovered that the applicant does in fact have a criminal record, a review is conducted to see if there is a RELATIONSHIP between the offense and the job opportunity. Which of course makes sense and is a right headed way of managing this delicate situation.

Until next time.


2 responses to “Types of Jobs for convicted felons in New Haven Connecticut?

  1. Robert Stewart

    This is a great thing but it does not get you past the background check, which most employers require. Im just looking for a company who will give ma chance to show what I can do with my backgroung in retail management of 20 years.

  2. phoenixarmstrong

    Suup Robert,

    In my experience you are going to have an extremely difficult time finding a retail management level job without some kind of “intense” background screening. The reason being, most retail management positions are public corporations and as such, there are always accountability / security issues in place.

    The presumption that I am making of course is that the retail management position you are seeking is for a major retailer. This may not be the case, your note is not that specific.

    No matter how you look at it “retail” Robert is difficult because it normally involves you having access to cash, valuable merchandise, and valuable customer data. Even a small mom and pop retail establishment would want to ensure that the person being handed the keys to the store is in fact trustworthy, at least on paper anyway. I say “at least on paper” sort of tongue in cheek because I recall reading a statistic years ago which indicated emphatically that the predominant amount of ALL RETAIL THEFT IS FROM EMPLOYEES AND STORE MANAGERS! I recall instantly recognizing truth in that statistic because when I was in retail it was indeed the managers who were the chief thieves.

    I worked for a huge corporate retail chain at a huge Mall back in the day when I was in High School, and my manager had this boyfriend who always wanted stuff but never wanted to pay or either couldn’t afford to pay, so whenever my manager had a shopping spree for her boyfriend ALL of the employees HAD TO TAKE SOMETHING for themselves so everyone would be “partners in crime” so to speak and couldn’t ever rat her out without having the light of scrutiny to contend with. When you are in High School earning minimum wage and you have the opportunity to pick up a few cool “free pieces” that you don’t have to pay for, and with the consent of your BOSS, situational ethics is a mother fucker;-) 😉

    Robert, depending on your conviction, you may have the ability to finesse your way around the issue, but without clarity on your exact conviction I couldn’t really help.
    Thanks 4 visiting and contributing here, come back anytime to share nething! 😉

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